wow my last post was three months ago

just dropping by to say hi and… i miss everyone 

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please tell me this is a dream PLEASE

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i need a j-drama to watch. suggestions please?

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precious Young-Kwang moments ♡

Kwangmin as Youngmin’s personal hairstylist and make-up artist (ノ´∀`)


Hi guys! I’m selling one of my B2ST’s SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA (ASIA VERSION) signed album. 

  • In good (if not, best) condition
  • Complete signature (including manager Joonkun’s♥)
  • Comes with a folded poster
  • Barely played

If you’re interested please contact me through my ask. Price is negotiable. Buyer will shoulder the shipping fee (if overseas); those who are interested from the Philippines we could just meet up or LBC (buyer shouldered shipping fee too).

PS: I’m also selling U-Kiss’ Only One (Soohyun signed) album, One Way (Philippine version) signed album, Super Junior 4th Repackaged Album, 4Minute For Muzik Album, ZE:A Watch Out!! signed album (plus photocards), etc. HELP ME SELL ‘EM BY REBLOGGING. THANK YOU! 

大国男児 ⋆ 대국남아 ⋆ The BOSS - Yume Made Ato PV (HQ) ♪

Facebook rip: here.

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